Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is a man. He took over when the broncos were 1 and 4. The Broncos are now 5-5 and are in the race for the playoffs. Tebow might not play the best or even look the best when he is playing but he is a winner. He uplifts the players around him and makes them better. Isn’t that the definition of a leader?

After last nights game Tebow sat down with reporters and talked about the game. There is no wonder why he is in the position he is in now. He is a real person that gives all the credit to his teammates. He doesn’t take any credit but turns it all to his players. Which leads more people to like him because of how humble he is. His stats for last night were not that good but what he did at the end of the game shows that he is a winner and he is a player that deserves to be in the NFL!


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